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Final Schedule Available

The Mullane Symposium schedule is complete. Visit our Education page to download the complete schedule.

Wednesday Sessions:

  • Opening Keynote: Survival Mediterranean Style: Lifestyle Countermeasures for Fire Fighters, Stefanos Kales, MD, MPH, FACP, FACOEM

  • Fireground Exposure Risks … What Steps Can We Take?, Gavin Horn, PhD

  • IAFF Disaster Response and Relief, Danny Todd

  • Cellular Network Connectivity within an Emergency or Disaster, Denis Lenehan

  • Protecting Firefighters’ Behavioral Health and Resilience — Current Limitations and Novel Approaches. Michael G. Hamrock, MD; Vladimir Ivkovic, PhD

Thursday Sessions:

  • Shift Work, Fire Fighting and Family: Coping with Stress at Home, Wendy Currie, LICSW; Patricia Diaferio, LICSW

  • Briefing: NFORS/IPSDI, Lori Moore-Merrell, DrPH, MPH

  • Nutrition in the Firehouse, Chloe Schweinshaut, RDN

  • A Survivor’s Message, Kathy Crosby-Bell

  • Closing Keynote: The Operational Lessons of the Route 91 Incident, Jon Klassen, Deputy Chief (Ret.); Evan Hannah, Captain (Ret.)

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