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Survival Mediterranean Style: Lifestyle Countermeasures for Fire Fighters

Healthy Fire Service Meeting Guide [handout]

Stefanos Kales, MD, MPH, FACP, FACOEM

Fireground Exposure Risks… What Steps Can We Take?

Gavin Horn, PhD

IAFF Disaster Response and Relief

Danny Todd

Protecting Firefighters’ Behavioral Health and Resilience   

Michael Hamrock, MD, Vladimir Ivkovic, PhD

Shift Work, Fire Fighting and Family: Coping with Stress at Home

Wendy Currie, LICSW, Patricia Diaferio, LICSW

Briefing: NFORS & IPSDI

Lori Moore-Merrell, DrPH, MPH

A Study of Obesity in the Fire Service [thesis]

Matt Bucala

Nutrition in the Firehouse

Chloe Schweinshaut, RDN

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